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XXII century.
With the development of technology interstellar flights become feasible.
The very first SSS-class interstellar spaceship prototypes are already launched and tested.
Nevertheless, despite their ingenuity men do not notice a threat nearby...
21 April, 2017 the thermonuclear fusion inside the Sun goes out of natural balance, as a result, the Solar system and the mankind turn into thermonuclear dust.
One the prototypes of interstellar spaceships the SSS "Little Hope" becomes their ultimate home.

You are the captain of the SSS "Little Hope".
Your task is to find a new home-planet.
Searching of a new home-planet can take a while. The spaceship and its crew require supplies.
- electro-energy: the spaceship is able to charge its batteries when next to stars. Mind: getting too close to the stars can start overheating.
- minerals & food supplies can be resupplied on the planets.

Install instructions

1. Download zip file.
2. Extract it.
3. Start "The SSS Little Hope.exe" file.


The SSS Last Hope (Jam edition).zip 32 MB
The SSS Last Hope v1.1 (Afterparty edition).zip 32 MB
The SSS Last Hope - Web.zip 24 MB

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